How to start planning a wedding – 6 first steps to take.

You’re engaged!! Congrats, that’s absolutely fantastic news! But if you’re now wondering ‘what do I do first?’ you’re not alone. Figuring out where to start when planning your wedding can feel a tad overwhelming – you’ve not done this before and there’s a lot to consider without the additional ‘advice’ from well-wishers!

So to help you on this exciting journey to planning your wedding, here are my first 6 steps…

First steps to planning a wedding

1. Enjoy your engagement

This may seem like a strange first step initially, but trust me, make the most of the wonderful feeling of being on cloud 9. Getting engaged – however it happened, is such a fun stage of your life and love story so soak up all the joy and excitement and show off that engagement glow!

2. Discuss your priorities  

Once you are ready to get started I suggest sitting down and chatting about what you would both love your wedding to be like. Are you thinking small and intimate or would rather have a big party? Is there a style or a feeling you have in mind? What’s most important to you? What do you want to remember most from your day? 

By asking questions like these you can check you’re on the same page or if there are some things to compromise on, and keeping your priorities at the heart of your planning will help guide you in your decisions.   

3. Set your budget

Granted, this isn’t a fun step but it is really important. Knowing your budget will help keep you on track and those stress levels at bay further down the line. While some research will help you understand how much things cost; before you dive into venue and supplier sourcing it’s really important to decide how much you can realistically afford and what you’re actually happy to spend. 

wedding planning budget

4. Write your guest list

Draft a list of everyone you’d ideally like to celebrate with you but don’t worry about finalising your guest list at this stage, it’s more of a numbers game. As your budget and guest list will impact each other, having an idea of guest numbers will be super helpful when you start researching, especially when it comes to venue capacity and price per head for catering, as this is where the largest portion of your budget will go. 

5. Set a date

This isn’t necessarily an official date (unless of course, you have one in mind) but it’s a good idea to consider if there’s a particular time of year would you like to get married, how long you’d like to have to plan your celebration and if you need time to save. 

6. Get inspired

Now comes the exciting bit – it’s time to get creative! Grab magazines, looks at blog posts, set up a Pinterest board – there are so many amazing resources available to help you get inspired and find out what you like so you can start to refine the style and vision for your wedding. 

I hope you find these first steps helpful as you start planning your wedding, but if you’re considering working with a planner to guide you through the journey, take a look at my full plan and design and design and styling services to see how I can support you.

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