Why you should give consideration to the 5 senses in your wedding design (and ideas of how to incorporate them)

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When you’re designing your celebration, the reason it’s important to appeal to the 5 senses and go beyond the visuals is to help create an atmosphere that will evoke thought and feelings. By engaging with your guest’s emotions you will really draw them into the whole experience and captivate their attention.

From the charm of the overall setting and the food and drink you carefully select to any interactive entertainment, it all adds to a special connection you’ll share with your guests.

So how could you use each of the 5 senses within the design of your wedding? Here are some ideas.


From the moment your guests walk into your venue you want them to be captivated by the visual wow factor, from the colour scheme and decor to the room layout and lighting.   

This is probably the easiest sense to appeal to because when you’re planning your celebration you’ll have an idea in your mind of how it will look. 

Bear in mind what atmosphere you’re trying to create when choosing each visual element to make sure they’ll work together and fit your style.

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Fragrances evoke memories, so imagine how wonderful it would be to transport yourself and your guests back to your wedding day with a hint of a scent. 

You’ve probably thought about wearing your favourite perfume, but incorporating scents throughout your celebration will leave a lasting impression.  

Subtle touches like rose petal confetti scattered scented candles during the ceremony and fragranced flowers in your bouquet are all worth considering. 

However, make sure any scents on your tables aren’t overpowering – herbs are perfect for adding a delicate fragrance without overshadowing the food. 


Music is the obvious choice here and such a powerful way to lead guests through the day, change the energy and connect everyone. 

So consider the vibe you want each aspect to evoke – perhaps your ceremony is going to be really romantic, are planning a chilled ambience for the meal where everyone is relaxed and just enjoying the moment and envisage an upbeat fun cocktail hour with lots of chatter and laughter. 

However you want the day to flow, have music that fits and takes on the appropriate direction.

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Food and drink is a real feature of a wedding, whether it is a sit-down meal where the menu has been carefully selected or a more informal occasion with food and drink stations, it is a time for everyone to savour a variety of flavours. 

It’s a time to enjoy not just the feast but share each other’s company so including a personal touch that relates back to your story such as a signature cocktail or a cuisine that’s meaningful to you both will make it even more significant.  

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The ideal way to incorporate a tactile element is to add layers of texture to the decor and surroundings your guests will come into contact with. This can be in the form of visual texture like patterned plates and glassware as well as more obvious material items like linens and upholstered furniture. 

In addition to these textural details, it’s a lovely idea for guests to actually physically interact with the wedding through touch. Whether it’s something simple like asking them to throw confetti or inviting them to participate in an interactive activity, guests will embrace playing a part in your day. 

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Featuring each sense will help guide the guests through the wedding the way you envisaged and make it truly memorable.  

But whether you have designed and planned your wedding yourself or worked with a planner, although you’ll know what to expect, don’t let it all be just for your guests – when the day arrives make sure you take a moment to absorb your surroundings & the emotional connection too! 

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