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If starting the design process for your celebration and finding wedding inspiration feels a little overwhelming, I’m here to give you some guidance and help turn it into an element that you find fun and are excited about getting stuck into!

When you reach this stage in your planning journey, the first thing you’re likely to do is to pull out your device and get online – with so many sources at our fingertips, it seems a pretty good option and it totally can be. BUT, if you can’t find what you have in mind or if you suddenly find yourself falling down the Pinterest rabbit hole, saving tons of images and creating a board that doesn’t really represent your style, it may be time to step away from the screen and put the focus back on you!

Your wedding is about you and your love so gathering inspiration from your lifestyle, story and favourite things are going to make your celebration feel more personal and will have your guests saying ‘this is so you!’

This is how I work with my couples, I find out things like where their favourite places are, what their home style is like, their wardrobe, where they love to shop, eat and socialise. We talk about the adventures they’ve been on, their hobbies and how they spend their weekends and holidays. 

Wondering how these things can relate to the design of your wedding? Discussing these things means I get to learn about my couples on a more personal level and understand what’s important to them allowing me to create a wedding that feels like them. 

I’ve listed a few topics to look to for wedding inspiration below, with questions you could ask yourselves and reflect upon to help personalise your wedding design. 

Your home style

Looking at your home and how you decorate is a really good indication of your style and personal taste. 

Consider your furnishings – are they modern with clean lines, do you love classic pieces or perhaps you have an eclectic mix that you have collected over time? What sort of colours do you decorate with – do you like calm and neutral or do pops of colour bring you joy? If you have a piece of artwork you’ve invested in that you love what is it you love about it? Do you love to make a space feel cosy and comfy or gravitate towards an open plan space that’s light and bright?

Your wardrobes

A bit like your home style, the clothes and accessories you choose, say a lot about your tastes. 

Do you love shopping for new trends, buying vintage or love classic staples that you can mix and match? Are there any favourite outfits that make you feel special or happy the moment you put them on? Do you have a go-to colour, texture or pattern that always catches your eye when you’re shopping? 

Your favourite places

This can cover such a wide variety of things. Favourite places could be anything –  is there a holiday destination that inspires you or you often talk about? Do you have a best-loved restaurant because you love the food or maybe it holds a special place in your heart because it’s where you went on your first date? Is there somewhere you love to hang out on a Friday night, or a city you love to explore time and again? 

Wherever they may be, they’re favourites because they mean something to you, which is why fav places are brilliant memories to draw on that could then somehow be incorporated into your celebration.   

How you spend your free time

This is another great topic for ideas, because how you enjoy spending your free time together forms so much of your love story. 

Do you love visiting galleries, wandering around weekend markets, going to gigs or attending seasonal activities? Are you a couple who love the outdoors, training together or share a passion for a particular film genre? Elements from these things can be excellent additions to your design.

I hope these questions help spark some wedding inspiration for you, but if you’d like some more support, I offer a design and styling service called The Artistic and would be delighted to help put a personal spin on your celebration. 

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